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No. 1 ZIP Disk Data Recovery Service in Qatar

ZIP Disk Data Recovery Service in Qatar

We offer non-destructive expert zip disk data recovery services using our own proprietary methods and will return the drive to you in the same condition it was received. We offer Free Evaluation on zip disk data recovery service. The fees are determined by the drive’s/storage device physical or logical problem, the time/expertise needed and the nature of the failure. We always attempt simple and cost-effective approaches before getting into the more involved procedures. DNS Data recovery team is best to recover formatted ZIP Disks. We can recover data from formatted hard ZIP Disks.

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Unreadable Zip disks and corrupted files

With old Zip disks, there is a significant chance that a simple attempt to copy the Zip disk will fail, because most Zip disks we encounter are 10 years old or more. In our experience the failure rate is typically anywhere between 5% and 20%, although these statistics include Zip disks where a single file cannot be transferred, as well as those where the entire Zip disk is unreadable or appears to be unformatted. However, in many cases we can recover the missing data.

Our approach is to perform a straightforward copy of the Zip disks where possible and report back indicating the nature of any problem Zip disks and unreadable files, so that you can decide whether or not to proceed with a recovery attempt on any disks or individual files which could not be copied. Data recovery for a single Zip disk which has corruption or disk read problems is typically £30 each but we offer significant reductions for batches of corrupted Zip disks.

We recommend that you act sooner rather than later to secure the information from your Zip disks, as the older a Zip disk, the more likely it will suffer problems.

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