Sophos XG 86 Supplier

Sophos XG 86 Supplier in Qatar
    These entry-level desktop firewalls are the ideal choice for budget-conscious small businesses, retail and small or home offices.
  • Optionally available with integrated 802.11ac WLAN
  • Fanless
  • Note: The XG 86 and 86w do not support some advanced features like on-box reporting, dual AV scanning, WAF AV scanning and the email message transfer agent (MTA) functionality. If you need these capabilities, the XG 106(w) is recommended.

Performance XG 86(w) Rev. 1
Firewall throughput 3 Gbps
Firewall IMIX 800 Mbps
VPN throughput 225 Mbps
IPS throughput 580 Mbps
NGFW (IPS + App Ctrl) max. 310 Mbps
Antivirus throughput (proxy) 360 Mbps
Concurrent connections 3,200,000
New connections/sec 15,000
Maximum licensed users unrestricted
Power consumption 12W, 40.94 BTU/hr (idle) 20.4W, 69.6 BTU/hr (full load)
Operating temperature 0-40°C (operating) -20 to +80°C (storage)
Humidity 10%-90%, non-condensing
Wireless Specification (XG 86w only)
No. of antennas 2 external
MIMO capabilities 2 x 2:2
Wireless interface 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz)
Physical interfaces
Storage 16 GB eMMC
Ethernet interfaces (fixed) 4 GbE copper
I/O ports (rear) 2 x USB 2.0 1 x Micro-USB 1 x COM (RJ45)
Power supply External auto ranging DC: 12V
100-240VAC, 24W@50-60 Hz
Physical specifications
Mounting Rackmount kit available
(to be ordered separately)
Dimensions Width x Depth x Height 190 x 117 x 43 mm 7.48 x 4.61 x 1.69 inches
Weight 0.75 kg / 1.65 lbs (unpacked) 1.9 kg / 4.19 lbs
(packed) (w model minimally higher)
Sophos XG 86 Supplier in Qatar
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